I always wanted to be a filmmaker. When I was but a wee lad, I hijacked my dad’s Super 8mm film camera. I made everything from horror epics (“The Van”, a ripoff of the 1977 film “The Car”) starring the neighborhood kids to stop motion animation flicks (“The Empire Strikes Out”, a ripoff of… well…) starring my Star Wars action figures. Then, when the first home VHS video camera came out (the one with a separate VHS deck that hung off the shoulder with a thick strap), there was no stopping me.

Flash forward to 1996. I was the assistant manager of a Spencer Gifts store in a mall… in Bakersfield! All hope seemed lost. Then I got a phone call (yes, an actual phone call and not a letter) that I had been accepted into the Directing for Theater, Video and Cinema program at California Institute of the Arts. The clouds parted. And the angels rejoiced. Three years later I had a Master’s Degree in Film Directing. Not that it mattered much to Hollywood. Of course, it mattered a great deal to my student loan providers.

Flash forward to 2020. Here I sit in self quarantine during the #StayHome era reminiscing about my childhood hopes and dreams. I accomplished a few things here and there. I made a (horror comedy) feature film. And a shit-ton of short films. Plus I started a horror film festival that is still going strong (10th anniversary this year, the big One Zero). 2020 is also the year that I had planned to merge my photography with my filmmaking on a project called “Sweet Meat” (an uncensored LGBT horror series). Funny how a virus changes things. ***HEAVY SIGH***

Anywho… That was a long introduction for what could have been a one sentence announcement: I created a NARRATIVE FILMMAKING page on the site to showcase some of my previous short films.

CLICK HERE & Enjoy 🙂