I DO have my excuses. George Washington once said, “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” But I think this is a pretty good excuse. Maybe excuse is not the right word. Maybe “explanation” is better than “excuse”. So, I DO have my explanations.

While 2023 has been prolific for me as a filmmaker: I made a new short film called “The Haunted Baby Carriage From Hell” that has screened in over 50 film festivals worldwide AND I started a new LGBTQ+ horror film festival called QUEER SCREAMS FILM FESTIVAL in Portland OR — the photography, unfortunately, suffered. And even though I’m making a NEW short film in early 2024 called “When You’re Not Here” AND continuing to run QUEER SCREAMS in August, I am making a conscious effort to balance film and photography. In short, that means MORE PHOTOGRAPHY!

Truth be told, I do miss photography. I miss collaborating with the models. I miss creating photographic art. I even miss the often long and tedious hours and hours of Photoshop (the “post-production” of photography) tweaking the images until they are just right. So, wrapping up (as I tend to babble), THANK YOU all for being patient and continuing to support my photographic art. 🙂 There are some beautiful images and fun videos coming soon!