“What’s new, pussycat? Woah, woah, woah!” – Tom Jones

Wanna know what’s been added since you’ve been gone?

MARCH 27, 2024

New Model: ISIAH

So Isiah is the first of THREE new models that I have shot with recently. Whaaa? Yup. 3 models. This shoot was done during my recent trip to Seattle (for my birthday weekend). Hope you enjoy. 🙂

FEBRUARY 25, 2024

New Photos: WILLI

I’m tryin’!!! LOL! We had some beautiful sunshine this past weekend in Portland. And it reminded me of the shoot that I did with Willi at Rooster Rock last (late) summer. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful sun. Beautiful young man. 

JANUARY 17, 2024

New Video: ORRIN

The afternoon in Provo didn’t end with just a photo shoot. Oh no! We also shot a slow motion video. Featuring Orrin, and the bed at my AirBnB (It’s okay, the rental agreement allowed for “commercial shooting”). Enjoy the afternoon!

DECEMBER 21, 2023

New Model: OTTO

My shoot with NEW MODEL Otto was a blast. To say that this model was a burst of creative energy would be an understatement. Hope that you enjoy the images from this shoot because there is more of Otto to come!

DECEMBER 10, 2023

New Model: AUSTIN

One of my first new models back from my longer than expected hiatus was this handsome, and very tall (taller than me! and I’m 6.3!!), young man. Open to ideas and exploring, Austin is definitely a model that I will be shooting with again. 🙂

DECEMBER 3, 2023

New Model: ORRIN

This beautiful young man hit me up while I was on vacation. Luckily, I brought my camera with me (I always bring my camera with me! LOL!). He gave me the classic line, “I’ve never modeled before, but I’ve always wanted to.” With his ease in front of the camera, one would never have known that he was a newbie. Hopefully he will continue down this path as his beauty deserves to be captured on film.

DECEMBER 3, 2023


I DO have my excuses. George Washington once said, “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” But I think this is a pretty good excuse. Maybe excuse is not the right word. Maybe “explanation” is better than “excuse”. So, I DO have my explanations. And I share them all in a new BLOG Post.

JANUARY 23, 2023


I have made murmurings about this venture for over a year! And while this maiden short film isn’t exactly on brand (i.e. Artistically shot SHORT FILMS with story, character AND SEX), it’s close enough to give a taste of things to come. “Two 2gether” features Corey & Sebastain with music by Scaredy-Cat.

JANUARY 17, 2023

New Couples Photos: COREY & SEBASTAIN

PART TWO of the Corey and Sebastain shoot just gets hotter and hotter! Can you believe that there is also a VIDEO/FILM element of this shoot? Yes! In live action! And yes… that’s coming soon!  

JANUARY 17, 2023

New Nude Boys Read: ZACK

One of my all time favorite pitch black horror comedy films is PARENTS. Stylishly shot with creepy (and funny) as hell performances by Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt, this 1988 gem is well worth seeking out… as Zack lets us know!

JANUARY 4, 2023

New Nude Boys Read: KRIS

They say that everyone has a doppelganger. But what if your doppelganger was a famous celebrity? And what if you thought that people wanted to date you ONLY BECAUSE you looked like a famous celebrity? What does Dear Gangster say?

DECEMBER 27, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: CARLOS

So many people wish that they would have invented the game “Musical Chairs”. It has spawned sooooo many rip-offs! Here’s another one! Carlos explains the rules of “Parcel Forfeits”. Anyone want to play?

DECEMBER 20, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: XURK

Have you ever had a friend who was “awfully unlucky”? One thing goes wrong, after another, after another… Hella is like that. She is awfully unlucky. So much so that our 14 year old Victorian girl has written about it in her diary.

DECEMBER 18, 2022

New Couples Photos: COREY & SEBASTAIN

Little known fact: Photography retouching it hella time consuming! LOL! ;-P Especially when you’re trying to add that je ne sais qoui, that little something-something to make the images special. Anyhoo… This is PART ONE! Enjoy!

DECEMBER 13, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JAKE

After a week of illness and a week of Jury Duty, I’m back! ACK!!! My apologies for my absence. As a reward for your patience, new HOT and STEAMY photos (duo model shoot) are coming this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy a new NBR with Jake.

NOVEMBER 29, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: ALEX

You never get a SECOND chance to make a FIRST impression, especially when meeting your significant other’s parents! So make it count, girlfriend! And let Alex help you.

NOVEMBER 24, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JESSE

So, according to Dr. Stool, “We all pass small amounts of gas while we sleep.” Is that why my room smells the way it does in the morning? LOL! I’m kidding, I never pass gas!!! Yet some people have a tidal wave of gas, especially in the morning.

NOVEMBER 20, 2022

New Model: SAMMY

Not one but two photo setups with Sammy. Who doesn’t like posing with, and then removing, a jock strap by the window? More of a rhetorical question I guess. LOL! And then with an EDM Mask?! WHAAA??? ;-P

NOVEMBER 15, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: NATHAN

Have you ever known anyone who always had to be “right”? Always had to “correct” eveyone? Always had to have the “last word”? Nathan suggests that it’s better to be kind than it is to be right. 

NOVEMBER 8, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: RYAN

Back on track! Whew! Tuesday sees the release of another NBR. Ryan asks the question, “But Why The Sun And Moon?” Good question. Hmmm… Ancient wisdom? Perhaps.

NOVEMBER 6, 2022

TWO New NBR and New Photos (BART)

Nothing like life challenges to shake things up and cause you to miss a couple of deadlines. Since the last posted “What’s New”, two NBR have been added. And new photos of our good friend BART have been added. More to come!

OCTOBER 22, 2022

New Model: COREY (Part Two)

The morning of the shoot I was walking past a re-sale shop and I saw this great old wooden chair. My immediate thought was, “That’s perfect for a photo shoot!” So I bought it. And it WAS (perfect for a photo shoot)! Enjoy Part Two.

OCTOBER 16, 2022

New Model: COREY (Part One)

So after almost an hour of searching, we FINALLY found the abandoned railroad tracks that I had heard so much about. And they did not disappoint. 🙂 Corey and I had great fun shooting on the tracks. Part Two coming soon!

OCTOBER 11, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: XURK

“He does look fine, with this black moustache and his flashing eyes…” Oh my! What entry do we have this time around when Xurk reads more from “The Diary Of A 14 Year Old Victorian Girl”?

OCTOBER 7, 2022

New Video: COREY

Hard to believe that it’s taken a year and a half for me to FINALLY shoot in the shower of my Portland home. I have shot using the bathtub. And have had boys standing in the shower. But no cascade… until now. Featuring NEW model Corey.

OCTOBER 4, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JAKE

Have you ever used a product, but discovered that the target audience that the makers of the product are advertising to… ARE NOT YOU? LOL! What do you do when you find that your demographic has been ignored?

OCTOBER 3, 2022

New Model: KEVIN

So apparently the “Daddy’s Boy” photos have been very popular. In the spirit of giving the people what they want, here’s another set of “Daddy’s Boy” shots featuring NEW model Kevin. He aims to please.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: ALEX E

Traveling soon? Wanna have a better chance at being upgraded to First Class? Then don’t wear sweats! Alex shares tips on how to dress on a plane? 

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

New Gallery: HANDS ON…

Last year I started shooting images for a series called “HANDS ON…” The concept was sinple, arms mysteriously reach around (from behind) and place hands on various parts of the model’s body. And yes… It’s definitely FUN to shoot. 🙂

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JESSE

Today’s (delayed) Nude Boys Read is brought to you by CenturyLink. “CenturyLink. We’re NOT there for you when you need the internet the most.” At least that SHOULD be their motto. Anyway, I digress. Enjoy Jesse reading about pee!

SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: NATHAN

How many times have you heard this..? “Hey, man. Just relax!” What does it mean to relax? And how does one “just relax”? Let Nathan tell you all about it. And don’t sweat the small stuff… 🙂

SEPTEMBER 11, 2022

New Photos: JESSE

I hope that there are fans of Jesse out there. He’s the model that I have collaborated with the most here in Portland. This time we went out to Sauvie Island, one of Portland’s two nude beaches. Hope you enjoy Jesse’s frolic in the sun.


New Nude Boys Read: RYAN

Do images speak to you? They speak to some. But what do you do if an image doesn’t speak to you (and you really want it to)? Let Ryan dispense a few words of wisdom.


New Model: FOREST

You know the old saying, “You can’t see the Forest for the trees”? Hopefully that’s not the case with new model FOREST. You can definitely see Forest on full display. There is no better time to become a “tree lover”.

AUGUST 23, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: ZACK

Of all the “JAWS On Land” Animals Attack movies of the late 70s and the 80s, RAZORBACK is by far my favorite. Stylishly shot, this film is campy Ozspoitation fun at its best!

AUGUST 21, 2022

New Video Slideshow: THE BOYS OF PNW pt1

Can you believe it? 2022 is over half way done! Finished! Finito! So I thought I would reflect back on the first part of the year. And share a few choice images from The Boys Of PNW ’22. 

AUGUST 16, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: KRIS

Have you ever had one of those, “SOME THINGS WERE SAID” scenarios? When you, or someone else, said something that just couldn’t be taken back? Something that changed everything? And there was nothing that could be done about it? Hmmm…

AUGUST 9, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: CARLOS

Okay… First off, this just sounds like the WORST game you could play with kids ages 3-12. It’s called “The Chocolate Game”. And the object is to eat as much chocolate as possible. WHAAA?!?! Really? Was this game sponsored by dentists? Or Hershey?

AUGUST 5, 2022

New Photos: ETHAN (Part Two)

Good things come to those who wait. And the good things have arrived. Hopefully Ethan (Part Two) was worth the wait. Who wants to join “Daddy’s Boy” in his bed?

AUGUST 2, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: XURK

What do you like to do when it is desperately dull? Go for a long walk? Eat a pint of ice cream? Watch “Desperate Living”? How about write in your diary? Apparently, that’s what 14 year old girls do when they are desperately bored. 

JULY 30, 2022

New Photos: ETHAN (Part One)

Who’s busy busy busy?!?!? LOL! In spite of the craziness, I definitely wanted to present an update this weekend. So (at the very least) I’m able to share PART ONE of the new photo set featuring the stunning Ethan. Part Two coming soon!!!

JULY 23, 2022

New Video: BART

Yowzer! It’s been a hot minute since I have uploaded a new SLO-MO VIDEO! So I decided to “double down” with a “double exposure” video. Two images for the price of one. What a bargain! 🙂 This video features BART, an ol’ favorite.

JULY 20, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JAKE

Have you ever wondered? How much toilet paper use it too much? What’s the best way to unravel the paper from the spool? And what is the deal with scented toilet paper? All these questions and more are answered by Jake!

JULY 17, 2022

New Photos: CJ

Anyone up for a dip in the pool? Well, it would probably be easier for a swim if there was actually water in the pool. Comme ci comme ça. LOL! The lack of water didn’t stop CJ from getting into the pool for a “dry skinny dip”.

JULY 12, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: ALEX E

You know what looks amazing? The Grand Canyon? The Aurora Borealis? A beautiful nude man glistening in the moonlight? Yes to ALL! But also, things that don’t make sense look amazing. Let Alex tell you all about it.

JULY 10, 2022

New Photos: NATHAN

Summer is finally here in the PNW (it was a very wet Spring). And to celebrate, I’m posting NEW images from a NEW model. He was introduced a couple of weeks ago with NBR. Now see his full nature photo shoot! Here’s NATHAN.

JULY 5, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JESSE

Question for the guys… Have you ever struggled to “hit the mark”? How is your control over stream velocity? Can you cover the proper horizontal ground needed to make it into the bowl? So many questions… 🙂 Jesse has answers.

JULY 2, 2022

New Photos: JUSTIN

So happy to reconnect with Justin during my most recent trip to Los Angeles. Perfect timing too! He just moved to Alabama! We had a great time catching up. And taking these fun, sexy shots. 

JUNE 28, 2022


A member reached out and requested more images be added to the FROM THE VAULT Gallery. It had indeed been a hot minute since I shared some of my “older” work. So I was more than happy to oblige.

JUNE 28, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: NATHAN

Yup! You read right! A NEW nude boy. Introducing NATHAN. Nathan dispenses words of wisdom on how to not sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff). So don’t postpone. Be happy where you are! 🙂 

JUNE 21, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: RYAN

ARG! The computer (or server) keeps crashing! The new NBR is live! But having trouble updating the WHAT’S NEW page! Oh technology! 🙁

JUNE 17, 2022

New Model: SEAN

Very excited to be sharing a new model with you all. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always easy to find guys willing to pose nude. Go figure! LOL! Luckily, there is Sean. 🙂 

JUNE 14, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: ZACK

What would happen if Olivia de Havilland were trapped in an elevtor and terrorized by James Caan? Don’t know? Well, Zack does. Let him tell you all about this 1964 “classic”. 

JUNE 7, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: KRIS

Do you live for your social life? Are you a “Party Girl”? Are you into splashing? Well, this advice from Dear Gangster might be just the thing for you. Let Kris share the wisdom.

APRIL 2022

New “WHAT’S NEW” Page

There’s a Ghost In The Machine! Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on with the “What’s New” page(s). I have definitely had issues in the past. UGH! Anywho… This is the NEW What’s New Page! (P.S. You can still access the “Old” What’s New Page via the CLICK HERE button.)