Narrative Filmmaking

A collection of the narrative short films of JT Seaton

Before I took pictures I made movies. Even as a young boy I was a filmmaker, whether it was creating horror epics starring the neighborhood kids or stop motion animations starring my Star Wars action figures. And as I begin to merge photography with filmmaking I figured, “Why not create a page on the website that highlights my narrative films?” So here it is. 🙂 I hope that you enjoy it. P.S. Yes those cameras in the cover image (of this page) are MY CAMERAS.

“The Peripheral” Short Horror Film

“Divination” Short Horror Film

“All Things Fade” Short LGBT Film

“I Think We Should Move In Together” Short LGBT Film

“Slate For Me” Short LGBT Film

“In Darkest Slumber” Short Fantasy Film

“Then And Again” Short Sci-Fi Film

“God Wrest His Soul” Short Horror Film