So I haven’t been this excited about a project in a LONG TIME. It’s a project that will incorportate many of the things that I love: Male Model Photography. Arthouse Horror Films. European Cinema. The 1970s. Of course I’m talking about SWEET MEAT.  🙂 It’s an LGBT arthouse horror series with a 1970s European approach to nudity, sexuality and sex (in film). That’s a mouthful. LOL! Check out the SWEET MEAT Teaser Credit Sequence on the SWEET MEAT page. 

Sasha, a young introverted mute, forms a volatile, co-dependent relationship with a Creature whose hunger for flesh and blood is insatiable. But the Creature’s appearance strikes terror. And fear “poisons the meat”. So it’s up to Sasha to seduce others – tame the prey. Then at orgasm, when the endorphins are released into the body, kill the quarry, thereby capturing the meat at its very sweetest. But when he falls in love, the relationship between Sasha and the Creature is threatened, resulting in a tragic and devastating event.