The poster for the film SHORT CIRCUIT from 1986 (Google it!) sports the tagline, “Something wonderful has happened… No. 5 is alive.” Well, something ELSE wonderful has happened… is LIVE! That’s right. All of the galleries have been populated (with at least some content). As of 12/27/19 there are over 250 photos and videos on the site, available for your viewing pleasure. Of those 250, over 160 reside in the MEMBERS ONLY zone. And there is much MORE to come!

It’s actually been pretty enjoyable adding photography to the website. I searched through 100s (literally) of folders, seeking the best content. In the process I rediscovered images from shoots that I had long forgotten. Although I have been pretty good at labeling and organizing my photography, there were still a few folders that just had dates, filled with models I remember shooting, but whose names completely escape me. LOL! One folder was just titled, “Porn Boy”. Whaaa? But it’s been an absolute delight remembering the fun I had shooting with these guys.

I hope that you find this website – and this art – an absolute delight as well. 🙂

P.S. Now I want to re-watch SHORT CIRCUIT. LOL!