“What’s new, pussycat? Woah, woah, woah!” – Tom Jones
Wanna know what’s been added since you’ve been gone?

OCTOBER 19, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: HUNTER

Have you ever had stagefright? Have you ever gotten up and felt like everyone was staring at YOU? Have you ever had to sing “Fly Me To The Moon”? These are the plights of “Charles”.

OCTOBER 14, 2021

New Photos: DANTE

To make up for my NBR tardiness, here is a brand new set of images featuring Dante. This was from our shoot at the FD Photo Studio back in Los Angeles. Anyone want to wash his back?

OCTOBER 14, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: ASHER

Haven’t you heard? Thursday is the new Tuesday! LOL! 😛 In my defense, I was thwarted by the forces of good. Asher shares how to turn the tables and thwart the forces of good! BOOM!

OCTOBER 5, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: WILLI

What if the world completely changed while you took a little nap? What would you do? Willi has an idea as he reads from CRUEL SHOES.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2021

New Model: AW

Flip through the vintage pages of a 1970’s porn magazine. Do they even make physical porn mags anymore? I guess it’s a niche market. 🙂 New model AW shares his “WET SHOTS” with us.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: JONATHAN

Have you ever been criticized? It’s tough to hear criticism, especially directed toward you. But what would happen if you AGREED with the criticism? GASP! 

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: CJ

The lessons of How To Be Plump are winding down. And in Chapter 6, CJ lays it all on the (dinner) table and shares the secrets of how to BECOME plump!

September 10, 2021

New Video: LAP DANCE

“I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money. I’ll do what you want me to do…” On the heels of the New Couples Gallery, Jesse & Dakota perform a LAP DANCE for “private” viewing pleasures.


New Nude Boys Read: ZACK

Yes, it’s only the beginning of September, but Halloween Season is upon us (as Spirit Halloween Stores start popping up). To get us in the mood, Zack reads about a few horror films of note.

September 6, 2021

New Couples Gallery: JESSE & DAKOTA

Happy Labor Day. I’ve been working hard on New Shoots and New Models and New Images & Videos. It’s been labor intensive. But hopefully it pays off, starting with Jesse & Dakota!

AUGUST 31, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: JESSE

Not one, but two (TWO) New Nude Boys Read.  Have you ever wondered what your pee is telling you? Well wonder no more as Jesse shares words of widsom. Don’t be pee shy!!!

AUGUST 28, 2021

New Model: AUGUST

It’s with great honor and pride that I present my first shoot with a Trans Masculine (female to male) model. Introducing AUGUST (coincidentally on the last weekend of August). More soon!

AUGUST 24, 2021

New Model: MICHAEL

Portland has not one but TWO Nude Beaches! The more “gay one” is at Rooster Rock. That’s where I shot new model Michael. Plus a 60fps Slo-Mo film of Michael’s beach fun coming soon!

AUGUST 24, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: TRAVIS

So… I know that I have been rotating through the existing Boys. BUT good news! Just shot some NBR with a NEW BOY. And another NEW BOY shooting this week! Now back to Travis. 

AUGUST 17, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: WILLI

Children can be cruel. Especially when it comes to calling people names. And if you have a “big nose”, well… fagetaboutit! Willi shares Steve Martin’s thoughts on the subject.

AUGUST 15, 2021


The number one “criticism” of the site is that there hasn’t been enough new content added recently. I’m hoping to remedy that going forward. In the meantime, enjoy SAUL Naked In Nature. 

AUGUST 13, 2021

New Model: CARSON

Rub-A-Dub-Dub! NEW Portland native model Carson lounges in my backyard bathtub (and my backyard hammock). There is a casual vibe that I really enjoy about Carson. Hope you do too!

AUGUST 10, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: HUNTER

Kristin loves pets. But all her pets keep dying. And she gets real sad. But you don’t have to get sad. Especially with Nude Boy Hunter to look at while he Reads! 

AUGUST 10, 2021

New “WHAT’S NEW” Page

Gotta love (or hate) technology. Apparently the original “What’s New” Page got too big for its britches (and kept crashing when updates were attempted). Hence the NEW “What’s New” Page!

AUGUST 10, 2021

“What’s New” Page: ARCHIVE

Fear not. All is not lost. The original “What’s New” Page is still available for your perusal… for a limited time.