“What’s new, pussycat? Woah, woah, woah!” – Tom Jones
Wanna know what’s been added since you’ve been gone?

MARCH 29, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: XURK

Don’t be jealous of a “young man”. Sure, he comes and goes when he likes and where he likes. But as Xurk reads, there is much more to a young man than that.

MARCH 22, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JAKE

Have you ever wondered why Victoria’s Secret only uses one type of model? Have you ever wanted to ask why there is not more diversity? And WHO is Victoria? And WHAT is her Secret?

MARCH 19, 2022


“Let’s get ready to rumble!” Watch, in cool slow motion, as FRANK gets ready to rumble. One unitard isn’t enough. Neither is two. What is this jock doing in the way? Who wants to wrestle?

MARCH 15, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: ALEX

Behold the power!!! The power of accessories!!! Alex shares fashion tips in which accessories are KING (or QUEEN). While clothing goes in and out of style, accessories are forever!

MARCH 12, 2022

New Model: JACKSON

Here comes Peter… Um… I mean Jackson Cottontail. Hopin’ down the bunny tail. Hippity, hoppity a NEW MODEL is on his way! That’s right. New model JACKSON is here (in his bunny gear).

MARCH 8, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JESSE

“Hop right in the bubble bath. Now it’s time to splish and splash.” – The Bubble Bath Song. Who doesn’t love a bubble bath? Well, maybe not the bubble bath that Jesse explains! LOL!

MARCH 4, 2022

New Model: FRANK

Who’s up for a wrestling match? Frank wants to know. Check out the photo set as Frank tries on various wrestling unitards to find the perfect uniform for the “throw down”.

MARCH 1, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: ZACK

“I must… star… in this bizarre… little… horror film…” – William Shatner. INCUBUS is an odd one indeed. How odd you ask? Odd enough to be spoken in the made up language of Esperanto!

FEBRUARY 28, 2022


Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink! FINALLY added a few images From The Vault. Apparently, I used to shoot a LOT in my bathroom. Here are some of those shots. πŸ™‚

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: KRIS

Have you ever had a dream that felt sooooo real? Have you ever had a dream about a significant other that got you steamed? Apparently that happens in Kris’ reading.Β 

FEBRUARY 19, 2022

New Model: KRIS

They say it’s “sweater weather”. But what if you ONLY wear the sweater and NOTHING else? And what if you take OFF the sweater? Well, that’s what NEW MODEL Kris wears and does.

FEBRUARY 15, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: CARLOS

Do you get intense pleasure from taking Mr. Bear’s Honeypot? Well, then you are in luck, my friends, because Carlos is about to share a game (beloved by 3 and 4 year olds) just for you.

FEBRUARY 12, 2022

New Model: CARLOS

Do you remember when you put off doing laundry for so long that you finally had to wash the clothes right off your back? No? Well, that’s the dilemma that NEW MODEL Carlos finds himself in.

FEBRUARY 8, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: XURK

Have you ever wondered what a 14 year old Victorian girl would write about in her diary? Well wonder no more! NEW model Xurk is about to share her writings. Oh what a lovely day.

FEBRUARY 1, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: TRAVIS

It’s February. The month of love! Well, it’s the month with Valentine’s Day, so whatever that makes it. LOL! πŸ˜› Travis sends off his NBR with a final poem from “Love Speaks Its Name”.

JANUARY 29, 2022

New Photos: AUGUST

August was the first Trans Masculine model that I worked with. And this “Fruit Shoot” was from our first shoot together. It was fun. But it was very messy. LOL!

JANUARY 25, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: HUNTER

Some people just HATE having their picture taken. Especially for the school year book. No one hated it more than “Adam”. Find out more with Hunter’s final Nude Boys Read.

JANUARY 21, 2022


Well, the titles of the videos can’t ALL be winners. LOL! Sometimes you just gotta be direct. And since this video features Alex E taking his clothes off, why not call it like it is. πŸ™‚

JANUARY 18, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JONATHAN

Hopefully we learned a few tid-bits on how NOT to sweat the small stuff. And with Jonathan’s last lesson, we learn the importance of cutting ourselves some slack.Β 

JANUARY 14, 2022

New Photos: WILLI

Back in November I took a little drive from Portland to Los Angeles for a long weekend. I saw a show at the Cavern Club. I ate at Casita Del Campo. And I shot WILLI at the LA Old Zoo!

JANUARY 11, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: JAKE

New year. NEW boy to Nude Boys Read. Introducing JAKE. Jake’s book is “Idiot Letters: One Man’s Relentless Assault on Corporate America”. Let’s face it! Corporate America had it coming!

JANUARY 8, 2022


It had been a hot minute since I created a Video Slideshow. So I thought for the first new one (in forever) that I would celebrate the best of THE BOYS OF PORTLAND 2021. More boys in 2022!

JANUARY 4, 2022

New Nude Boys Read: ALEX E

It’s time to go beyond what you know about nude BOYS reading. This is Alex E, the first TRANS Female to Male model to do a NBR. When I look at Alex, all I see is a BOY (penis or no penis).

JANUARY 1, 2022

New Blog: HERE’S LOOKIN’ AT YOU 2022

It’s 2022! Can you believe it? While this Beware! The Blog post does reminisce 2021, it also looks to the future. It’s a future that includes: NBC, BTS, VB and AHBM (acronyms defined in Blog).

DECEMBER 31, 2021


Happy New Year! What better way to bring in 2022 than to dance away 2021. This sensuous and seductive film features Jesse & Dakota. AND thank you for supporting ART in 2021.

DECEMBER 28, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: DANTE

As 2020 comes to a close, so does Dante’s NUDE BOYS READ. I hope that we all learned a few fun new Beer Drinking Games as we enjoyed Dante’s readings. Happy New Year!

DECEMBER 24, 2021

New Photos: JESSE & DAKOTA

Merry X-Mas Eve (Day). A special treat for you this holiday season = The second set from the duo shoot with Jesse and Dakota. And stay tuned for the Slo Mo Film… Coming Soon!

DECEMBER 22, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: ASHER

Shhhhh… Don’t tell anyone it’s Wednesday. WELCOME TO TUESDAY! And a new Nude Boys Read. This week features Asher’s last NBR. Your final lesson on “How To Be A Villian”.

DECEMBER 17, 2021

New Model: JOSH

How behind have I been? This shoot with Josh was done in August! Whoop whoop! On a side note, the yellow grass (in the backyard) is now green again thanks to the rain. πŸ™‚

DECEMBER 17, 2021


Facelift number 2! The Film & Video Gallery is now presented in SHOWROOMS: Slo Mo Solo, Slo Mo Duo, Slideshows, Interviews and Music Videos. Plus a BTS Showroom coming in 2022.

DECEMBER 16, 2021


Based on feedback that the video pages (specifically Nude Boys Read) are too large and take too long to load (or crash), the NBR Galleries have been completely overhalled. A facelift… if you will. NBR Models now have their own “Showrooms”.Β  Give it a spin!

DECEMBER 14, 2021


Twenty-one new images have been added to the Main Gallery. I know, I know… I haven’t given the Main Gallery as much love as the notorious MOZ. I’ll try to make up for that. πŸ™‚

DECEMBER 14, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: HUNTER

“What’s all this fuss I keep hearing about violins on television?” – Emily Lattella. No, Miss Lattella, that’s VIOLENCE, not violins. Amy, as read by Hunter, feels the same way.

DECEMBER 11, 2021

New Model: PANDA

So, my photography has pretty much always included a model’s face. But there are models who want to pose, but want to remain anonymous. What to do? Hmmm… I know! MASKS!

DECEMBER 7, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: JONATHAN

One of my favorite lines from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension was, “No matter where you go… there you are.” Buckaroo didn’t sweat the small stuff.

December 3, 2021

New Video: HOT WAX

In this new video, featuring new model RYAN, we are reminded of the immortal words of Mr. Miyagi who once said, “Wax on. Wax off.” Hmmm… Wise words indeed.

NOVEMBER 30, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: WILLI

Tis’ the season! And with Christmas just around the corner, Willi shares a few gift ideas like: Cuticle Frames. Shin Bone Polish. Or just being Hog Tied.Β 

NOVEMBER 26, 2021

New Photos: DAKOTA

What better way to brighten your Black Friday than with this new photo set featuring Dakota. Who’s your “Daddy’s Boy”? Well, if Dakota’s shirt is any indication, it may be him! πŸ™‚

NOVEMBER 23, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: CJ

CJ finishes up the lessons on “How To Be Plump” with this final entry. And with that we say adieu to CJ’s NUDE BOYS READ…

NOVEMBER 19, 2021

New Model: ALEX

My collaboration with models in the TRANS community continues with Alex. Alex was very energetic and extremely fun to shoot. And I look forward to shooting with him again!

NOVEMBER 16, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: ZACK

Okay horror movie fans. Zack is back with a new alternative horror film (that you need to see)… HELL’S GROUND. This film definitely falls into the “it’s so bad it’s good” category.

November 12, 2021


Presenting the 2nd video from the shoot with Dante at FD Photo Studio. We were getting close to the end of our studio time, so we put the petal to the metal and got this great footage.

NOVEMBER 9, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: JESSE

“Oh. Right. OWW! OH, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! IT BURNS!” – Amanda Bynes. Sounds like Amanda had experienced The Flame Thrower. Let Jesse tell you all about it.

NOVEMBER 2, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: TRAVIS

Need a little more poetry in your life? I think we all do! LOL! Let Travis fill that poetry void with a reading from “Love Speaks Its Name: Gay and Lesbian Love Poems”.

OCTOBER 29, 2021

New Model: SETH

New model Seth was nervous about the shoot, having never modeled before. But once we started shooting, his comfort level increased. And these beautiful shots were the result.

OCTOBER 26, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: DANTE

When was the last time you went to a Keg Party? Do they even still have Keg Parties? LOL! Well, if you find yourself at one in the near future, Dante shares how you can “Kill The Keg”!

OCTOBER 23, 2021

New Model: FOX

Fox, with his long hair and his tattoos, was amazing to work with. Fun. Energetic. Not afraid to get dirty! πŸ˜› There are definitely plans to collaborate again.Β 

OCTOBER 19, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: HUNTER

Have you ever had stagefright? Have you ever gotten up and felt like everyone was staring at YOU? Have you ever had to sing “Fly Me To The Moon”? These are the plights of “Charles”.

OCTOBER 14, 2021

New Photos: DANTE

To make up for my NBR tardiness, here is a brand new set of images featuring Dante. This was from our shoot at the FD Photo Studio back in Los Angeles. Anyone want to wash his back?

OCTOBER 14, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: ASHER

Haven’t you heard? Thursday is the new Tuesday! LOL! πŸ˜› In my defense, I was thwarted by the forces of good. Asher shares how to turn the tables and thwart the forces of good! BOOM!

OCTOBER 5, 2021

New Nude Boys Read: WILLI

What if the world completely changed while you took a little nap? What would you do? Willi has an idea as he reads from CRUEL SHOES.

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