So, yea… Basically this is my FIRST BLOG POST. Yay! I oscillated about adding a BLOG to the site. Would I have time to keep it up to date? Would anyone even read it? At the end of the day (which is a “drinking phrase” for my friend Dan and I when we watch Reality TV… don’t judge), I wanted to be able to talk about the shoots that I have done and to highlight the models that I have worked with.

For example: I LOVE THIS PHOTO. I set out to shoot an image with Ryan – holding a red phone – that I could use for my CONTACT page on the website. I started with a basic pose (i.e. Ryan standing with the receiver to his ear and the base covering his privates). But that was kinda boring. So Ryan just started moving around with the phone, spinning in circles. And it was left to me to keep up! Luckily I did. And this photo was captured.

P.S. I secretly like the song “Call Me Maybe”.